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Kink On Demand - It's the hottest, raunchiest, and most real BDSM fetish porn on the Internet, and you can watch any of the thousands of videos in their entire collection, and pay for only what you watch! It's Kink On Demand, brought to you by, with BDSM porn stretching across the straight, gay, bisexual and tranny porn realms. Within each, you'll find plenty of real bondage, abuse, punishment, humiliation, submission, forced orgasms, deep penetrations, BDSM fucking, double penetrations, and even medical fetish and fucking machines, and each video is set up on a pay per view without a membership fee!

Public Disgrace - If you think that public displays of affection are humiliating, just think of what these female slaves are going through when they're forced to get naked and get fucked while being tied up and tortured in front of a crowd that loves every minute of it! At Public Disgrace, they make sure that these babes know who is in charge, as they parade their naked bodies around while they're tied up, and make them swallow cocks and lick pussies while the onlookers view the action. They yell and scream as they're being fucked silly, but it only makes their captors want to humiliate them and fuck them more!

Inquisition World - Don't think that the act of BDSM has been something relatively new, because for centuries now, the desire to dominate has been coupled with a submissive desire to form some of the greatest tortures and abuses we've ever seen. Inquisition World brings it back to the medieval days, and couples it with modern BDSM situations to form a site that will satisfy all your needs. They offer up all kinds of methods to inflict the most punishment on their slaves, with torture racks, hot wax, medical examinations, and more combined with the regular methods of spankings, floggings and others.

Infernal Restraints - Lots of sites offer BDSM action with the standard bondage, flogging and spanking action. But this site goes above and beyond the call of duty, as they're determined to inflict the most damage and pain that they can with extreme device bondage making these slaves scream in agony! Infernal Restraints has been producing extreme bondage films since 1997, so to be around this long, you know they're doing something right. They use all kinds of crazy devices that were never meant to torture sweet little women. And if they don't have exactly what they want, they create the objects of torture themselves!

Sex And Submission - It's obvious that all of these women love getting fucked. But when it comes to beautiful, submissive women, they like to be fucked a very special way; with as much dominant force as can be dished out onto their bodies! That's why the combination of Sex And Submission at this site get these girls screaming like never before, and it'll get you turned on to see these happily submissive women being treated like the BDSM fuck sluts that they are. They're hogtied and beaten until their tits, their butts, and most of their bodies are glowing red. You'll see them suffer for every one of their orgasms.

Schockers - If watching something so extreme and hardcore makes you cringe and wince in agony, just imagine how it felt for these slaves to go through it, feeling the overwhelming pain being inflicted on them come over their bodies until they have no choice but to howl out in pain! And those howls only serve as motivation for their masters and mistresses at Schockers! This is no ordinary BDSM site, as you'll see soon enough. Every body is beaten badly, and will be sore for weeks after all the clamps, ropes, and other devices of torture are removed, and the beatings, shockings and fuckings finally stop.

Pain Gate - When you see the parade of beautiful women at this site, you wouldn't think that they would allow themselves to be whipped, flogged, caned and beaten as badly as they do here. Then again at Pain Gate, they're bound so tightly and made to submit that they don't really have much of a choice in the matter! They make sure to choose the hottest girls to torture here, with all kinds of cruel acts that inflict the most damage. Their bodies tell the story of the physical toll the BDSM action takes on them, but when the wounds heal, the pain of the memories will last a lifetime for them.

The Upper Floor - Anything can happen when you see something live, and live isn't something often associated with porn. When you add the element of BDSM to the porn, you won't believe the kind of result you get. Head to The Upper Floor to see what we mean, which is's home for live fetish shows, along with BDSM orgy videos. These slave and master meetings happen in classy establishments, often while people are watching and even dining. You'll hear the smacks of whips and floggers against skin mixed in with the howls and screams of slaves being tortured, and that's right along with the sounds of orgasms!

TS Seduction - As straight men, not only do these guys have to be trained to be completely submissive, but they have to be put through some rigorous punishment to become good little slaves for their transsexual mistresses! For the first time ever, you'll see straight men at TS Seduction being introduced to the t-girl side of the equation in a painful way, by having their bodies ruled over by chicks with dicks. These gorgeous trannies know how to treat these guys well, executing powerful spankings, cock and ball torture, bondage, anal punishment and more. And that's all before the guys suck and fuck tranny cock!

Ultimate Surrender - Most wrestling on TV may be fake and unwatchable, but there's nothing fake about this kind of female wrestling, and it's not only because all of these girls are nude and beautiful! At Ultimate Surrender, they pin violent women against each other in the ultimate battle for supremacy. Don't expect those typical lame catfight moves here either, because these bitches are dangerous! Nude face sitting, body and face scissoring, and nude grappling occurs until there's a winner. And for the loser, she gets pinned down and fucked with a strapon, and made into a total slave bitch in FemDom sex action.

3D Kink - You've trusted to give you the best in real BDSM porn (and if you haven't yet, you must not want to get all you can out of the BDSM fetish online), so why wouldn't you trust that they'd give you the best in 3D BDSM porn as well? 3D Kink is your answer when you're looking for total control over a full 3D BDSM environment! You control every aspect of the world, from the way the girl looks to the implements of torture that are inflicted on her. You can tie her up how you want, spank her, flog her, and watch her please guys, girls and both at the same time. You're the BDSM director here!

BDSM Artwork - There's something very classy about a piece of artwork that has been hand-crafted when you know that a lot of time and effort has been spent on it. And when it involves gorgeous slaves being bound and tortured in BDSM art porn, then it becomes something sexy as well! BDSM Artwork has been creating BDSM comics for your pleasure for years now, with artists who understand what you want to see out of your BDSM porn crafting them carefully to meet your needs. You get plenty of comics here, as well as Flash comics, and even 3D movies to make the whipped and tortured characters so life-like.

Fucking Machines - You're not going to find too many guys here in between a girl's legs trying to give her an orgasm, because they've got a wide selection of Fucking Machines to do the job right, and hit all the right spots that get these girls cumming over and over again! Better watch out guys, because the machines are definitely taking over; at least in the bedroom! Watch babes happily spread their legs wide open for reciprocating dildos, high powered vibrators, pussy licking machines and much more, sliding deep inside of their snatches and even their assholes to fuck them until they can't cum anymore.

Wired Pussy - If you know anything about the network of sites, you know that they offer real BDSM action that is both painful and shocking. And that last adjective really comes into play here, as gorgeous babes are being tied up, spread open by their captors, and shocked between their legs by lesbian dominants until they can't help but to have loud, powerful orgasms! Wired Pussy corners the market on lesbian BDSM that features electro sex, and you won't believe how efficient it is at making these slaves scream and cum! The abuse, humiliation, fisting and anal fisting plays a good part in it, too!

Whipped Ass - When you try to think of what goes on at a site called Whipped Ass, you could never properly envision everything that goes on here in your wildest dreams! It's some of the raunchiest lesbian BDSM porn on the Internet, with nothing held back between dominant women and their submissives. You'll see them tied up, being put over their knees or stretched out on a bench for a harsh spanking, being whipped and flogged until their bodies are beat red. And that's when the sex toys and the strapon dildos come out to play! They fuck these slaves and make them worship every inch of it.

Hogtied - There are girls who get tied up a bit for pleasure, and then you've got the girls here that are tied up from head to toe, spread open due to the tightness of the ropes, and suspended while being made to cum. That's what sets Hogtied apart from most of the other rope bondage sites out there! You'll see many different rope techniques being used here, binding the arms and legs together, and sometimes to each other, to make sure that she's got nowhere to go. And since they can't escape, they're prone to whatever their master wants to do with them, whether it's abuse, torture or orgasms!

Paintoy - You might not recognize any of the women at this site, but just because they're amateurs doesn't mean they know what they're doing. In fact, having amateur women as Paintoy girls means that you're getting women who know all about how BDSM feels, and they can't get enough of it! Their limits are pushed almost as severely as the beatings are dished out here, as you have extreme bondage, tit torture, heavy floggings and spankings that leave their mark, rough clampings and more. These girls want to get tested, and their bodies go through the rigorous examination with red marks meaning good things!

The Training Of O - Within this dungeon, new sex slave recruits are brought in often to be trained to become the most submissive slaves they can be. This training is brutal, rough, and extensive, but it's necessary to break these women down into fine slaves. And you get to see every step of the process at The Training Of O, as they go across their journey of slave training. Each day is a new experience, whether they're feeling what it's like to be hogtied and abused, spanked into submission, tied up and forced to have orgasms, not being able to move while they're being fucked, or learning foot and boot worship.